Adapticom Inc.

Established in 1996. - Adapting technology for 25+ years.

We Provide Corporate IT Rescue

Do any of the following describe your organization?

How up-to-date is your Cyber Insurance Policy?
Has your data size outgrown your backup capabilities?
Adding new personnel faster than IT resources can be made available?
Have you identified a Private Adjuster in case of a Ransomware attack?
Do you offer “Guest Wireless Access”? Isolated from you business network?
Behind in updates?
Awash in un-handled tickets?

IT personnel always in “react” mode?

Internet and connectivity slow or spotty?

Printers and devices not operating correctly?

Not getting the performance needed from mobile devices?

Why not allow Adapticom personnel to perform an IT Rescue to restore your IT environment to an acceptable state, or just fill-in the gaps for your own IT staff? We'll get involved, utilize a Lean Agile methodology to restore efficient functionality, and leave you with tools and procedures to prevent the accumulation of future technical debt.

IT-Consulting Services

Small Business Networking & Connectivity, EDI support, BizManager, OB10 Tungsten, Malware Prevention/Mitigation, Virtualization, Legacy-Infrastructure-Abatement, Cloud Migration, e-Mail and Website services.

Mobile App Development

iOS, Android, and web compatible apps. Virtual and Augmented Reality Development.

Software / Firmware Development

Full path software development from remote device to cloud to mobile application. SQL database projects.

EDI - BizManager Projects

Experienced with server roll-out, EDI application installs, database integration, customer setup, etc.

Hardware Design & PCB Layout

Schematic Capture and PCB Design & Layout Routing experience includes both hand routing and scripting to guide auto-routers.​

Prototypes and Sample Cases

Engineering and Technical Solutions Adapticom provides Prototype development, Sample, and Demo Cases.

Social Media & Crowd Funding Campaigns

Development efforts can be expensive! It is not unusual for our clients to have limited resources, or experience funding shortfalls. For those situations we offer options to assist clients with acquiring funding, or simply increasing general awareness through social media. Our programs can be modestly funded and proceed at a pace that is comfortable for the client.

Veterinary IT support

IT Services focused on independent Veterinary practices and other small businesses.

Networking support, redundant Internet access, malware prevention/mitigation, OS upgrades, domain support, web development, social media management, Quickbooks/accounting support.


Projects and Services currently being highlighted:

Forensic Engineering for Extended Product Life

Events unfold at a rapid pace in the 21st century. Companies close, merge, and are acquired, while employees leave, retire, or seek other industries. Technology changes, components reach end-of-life, and software is often no longer supported. Certification requirements may change, leaving products out of compliance. These rapid changes often result in mature, functional products (both hardware and software) becoming orphaned. Schematics may not exist or be out-of-date. Source code may not match the latest exectuable. A new operating system, or hardware platform, may force design changes when the original developer and/or team is long-gone from the scene.

NextGen vs. Tradtional App Development

Traditional application development and the associated planning, prototyping, and debugging is simply too slow and expensive for today's fast- paced, and stringent cost environment. NextGen App development utilizes a wide variety of dev tools and platforms to fit project needs. The NextGen App Methodology utilizes robust libraries and modules, allowing Adapticom's experienced developers to be productive at a low cost, and in a short period of time. Often, a "Minimum Viable Product" can be produced as a "sample" for the customer, saving valuable time typically lost in creation and negotiation of initial specifications.

CaVESWave® – CardioVascular Emulation Waveform System, which is intended as an enabling technology for organ and tissue studies and transplantation. A patented, programmable perfusion waveform generator that, when coupled with flow controls, thermoregulation, and physiologic measurement instruments, provides precise (“cardioemulation”) perfusion of isolated tissues and organs for prolonged periods.

Adapticom Inc. is an Engineering Consultancy Firm offering an alternative to outsourcing. Rather than being an "outsource", we become part of your team and exhibit loyalty to it. Adapticom provides an on-site presence and interacts frequently with your team members to insure a good comfort level and business relationship. Our business model is akin to an enhanced-consultancy that has the manpower to perform real work rather than simply providing advice and recommendations.

Customer Reviews:

“Chase and Will with Adapticom saved my business from IT doom and gloom! They came into my hospital and evaluated everything that had been done by our previous IT company before they were even officially hired. They were so calming, kind, and reassuring that they could make our systems run smoothly. They have improved our workflow 110% and are always there when we need them!”

Dr. Elizabeth Swan

“We are so thankful to have found the team at Adapticom. From the very beginning they saw how desperately we were in need of an IT rescue and they immediately took action. Like knights they rode into IT battle for us and began offering the solutions that we needed but could not get from our previous providers. Functioning networks and internet are crucial to our office and we have had so many fewer issues since Adapticom started handling our systems. We are a small, family-like team and it is great to be working with an IT service provider that is the same.”

Emily Smith, Office Manager


Categorizing and tracking our various types of projects over the years:

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Printed Circuit Boards


In the early morning hours of September 13, 2020, our operations manager, and my son, Chase W. McCord lost his life in a horrible head-on collision on a curvy road while returning from a snack run to McDonalds.  Chase’s accomplishments here at Adapticom were significant and he will be missed by all.  So, while I mourn terribly as a parent, I do so as well as his mentor.  Those interested can view his obituary and stream his service at:

Additionally, we will be posting some memorable images and videos of him below.